Becoming the best version of yourself.

Let me guide you to discover your own inner peace and joy through maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Welcome to Shakali Essence


Shakali Essence is an online platform that displays the founder’s methods and approaches to healing the body, mind and soul. Currently Angelica offers three services – Yoga, Craniosacral Therapy and Meditation- tools that encourages one to take the inner journey to restore equilibrium.

Mission Statement

To guide ones being into equanimity, diminishing the ego.


CranioSacral Therapy



CranioSacral Therapy

A massaging technique intended to alleviate pain and tension by gently manipulating the skull, spine and muscles in the neck. This has an energetic effect and harmonizes the natural rhythm in the central nervous system. CranioSacral Therapy is a reset button for your body and mind.

First time clients $100 • Loyal clients $90 *Costs based on in-home service


Yoga & Meditation

Incorporating ancient-eastern pranayama techniques, Angelica creates a modern-western practice that awakens energies deep within the spinal cord and unconscious. Methods range from: pranayama(breathing) exercises for detoxification; physical asanas(postures) to build strength and stamina; along with verbal sound effects to increase relaxation. Sessions often reflect the style of Yin-Yang Yoga, where movements are invigorating and challenging, but are balanced through restorative and calming posture hold. Meditation is always incorporated at the beginning or end of the class. No matter what your experience or history is with fitness training, Angelica creates an environment that is safe for everyone. To drop into a class, public class schedule is found at the bottom of this page.

Private sessions: $90/ 60min. • Corporate session – $150/ 60min. • Workshops/Program – Advertised bi-yearly, see Newsletter

About Agnieszka

B.A. (in progress) • CanFitPro Certified, 2017 • BSP, ISHA Completion, 2016 • CS1, 2015 • Booty Barre Certified, 2012 • 12-day Vipassana Completion, 2014 • CYA-RYTGold Yoga Teacher/ Therapist 500hr, 2009-2013


Starting out her career in the TV/Film and Performing Arts Industry as an actor, Angelica has always lived a life of passion. In October 2009, she continued to follow her heart and travelled to Rishikesh, India to study the Art of Healing through the ancient practice of Yoga and Meditation. Facilitating classes, workshops and retreats since 2009, Angelica has implemented breathing techniques to heal the emotional body, along with tools and methods to correct physical misalignments or to rehabilitation to ones body after injury.


 “I was first drawn to Yoga because of its ability and techniques to emotionally heal past trauma’s and build peace of mind, but now I practice to maintain the energy and the new life it has given me!”
Angelica, also known as Agni – derived from her given name Agnieszka – is now concentrating to complete her psychology degree to advance her knowledge and understanding in maintaining and managing ones mental health. 




Breathe Hot Yoga, McKenzie
12:00pm Restorative(H), 90min.
2:00pm Core(H), 75min.

Breathe Hot Yoga, McKenzie
9:30pm Yin Yang(H), 65min

Breathe Hot Yoga, McKenzie
6:00am Power Flow, 65min.

Breathe Hot Yoga, Avenida
6:00am Flow(H),  65min.

Repsol Sports Center, Downtown
8:30am Power Flow(H), 60min.