Becoming the best version of yourself.

Let me guide you to discover your own inner peace and joy through maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Welcome to Shakali Essence

Shakali Essence is an online platform that displays the founder’s methods and approaches to healing the body, mind and soul. Currently Angelica offers three services – Yoga, Craniosacral Therapy and Meditation- tools that encourages one to take the inner journey to restore equilibrium.

Mission Statement

To guide ones being into equanimity.

Current Services

CranioSacral Therapy



CranioSacral Therapy

A massaging technique intended to alleviate pain and tension by gently manipulating the skull, spine and muscles in the neck. This has an energetic effect and harmonizes the natural rhythm in the central nervous system. CranioSacral Therapy is a reset button for your body and mind.

First time clients $120 • Loyal clients $100 *Both based on in-your-home service.

Yoga & Meditation

Incorporating ancient-eastern pranayama techniques, Angelica creates a modern-western practice that awakens energies deep within the spinal cord and unconscious. Methods range from: pranayama(breathing) exercises for detoxification; physical asanas(postures) to build strength and stamina; along with verbal sound effects to increase relaxation. Sessions often reflect the style of Yin-Yang Yoga, where movements are invigorating and challenging, but are balanced through restorative and calming posture hold. Meditation is always incorporated at the beginning or end of the class. No matter what your experience or history is with fitness training, Angelica creates an environment that is safe for everyone. To drop into a class, public class schedule is found at the bottom of this page.

Private sessions: $120/ 60min. • Corporate session – $150/ 60min. • Workshops/Program – Advertised bi-yearly, see Newsletter

About Agnieszka

PhD.Psychology (near future candidate) • M.A Clinical Psychology (expected 2025) • B.A. Psychology 2022
KRI Level I certified, 2019 • CanFitPro Certified, 2018 • BSP, ISHA Completion, 2016 • CS1, 2015 • Booty Barre Certified, 2012 • 12-day Vipassana Completion, 2014 • Yoga Teacher/ Therapist 500hr, 2009-2013
My personal journey towards self discovery really started when I moved out to Vancouver, Canada to pursue Acting within the TV/Film/Theatre industry at Vancouver Film School. Being in the performing arts environment, I learnt the importance of connection with others and how much this mere presence is necessary for the human well-being, along with the critical balance of fulfilling the souls purpose. 
When my father got sick in 2009 I moved back to Calgary, Canada to be closer to family. Due to nearly loosing a loved one, I began to question the bigger topics of life, and began to pick up books in philosophy and psychology to self educate. Continuing in following my intuition, I began to strip myself of what I thought ‘self’ was (just as the famous philosopher René Descartes had done), and traveled to a land of great spiritual healing; India, in order to truly immerse myself in that practice. With no distractions, only the pure awareness which enveloped my perception, I experienced a flame that got stronger deep within my soul.
Having no intention to teach when originally traveling overseas, l naturally landed a position in facilitating group classes and opened my own small business to teach one-on-one yoga practices, after the certification. Then magically, a decade passed… during that time, I kept on top of yearly trainings, always reinvesting back into myself in order to gain more knowledge in order to share it with clients. I maintain what I’ve learnt in India, implementing breathing techniques to unite body & mind, as well as meditation, mantra work and trigger point exercises to bring about a well-rounded and authentic psyche.
I strive to support others in expressing their core self by holding a safe space, with no judgements and unconditional love.
I strive to aid individuals towards correct physical and mental alignment in order for one to continue to expand and evolve along their independent path. 
I strive to take ancient eastern practices and merge them into a modern western world, in order for the teachings to touch more people.

The world needs more positive regard, more wisdom, peace and love. So I’m doing my best to keep up to my own standards and changing self. I’m now striving to advance my knowledge and understanding in focusing on a doctorate in Psychology. 



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